International Class





Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta wants to create  to be the best muslim generation , and  the cadre of Muhammadiyah  organization which has superior ability in thinking , in praise of God and high skill. We have a very representative building which is completed with many facilities to have teaching and learning process, We also have professional educators. Yogyakarta is welknown as a tourism centre, a city of cultural centre ,  a centre of students to study  and a centre of traditional food . Because we have many institutions for education in every level from play group until university so Yogyakarta is as a barometre of National Education. Yogyakarta, evenmore, is as a basic of religious organization ,e.g : Muhammadiyah. Muhammadiyah , as a community organization does not only stroll about Islam but also very concern with education. One of his effort is build many  fields in educational. Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta Senior High School is one of  prove that Muhammadiyah is very concern in education and become one of the favorite schools in Yogyakarta.

We committed to educate the students to be good Muslims , master in treatise of Islam and able to imply in education , science and technology.

Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta was found in October 2cnd 1950 which at first placed in a house of Mr. Sarbini. It has two classes . They are a class of natural science program and litters program. As doing so , Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta had  moved to other locations  for many times in having the process of teaching and learning.

We moved to Muhammadiyah Purwodiningratan Elementary School,  moved again in a House of Mr KH Ahmad Dahlan in Kauman, In Muhammadiyah Ngupasan Elementary School, and at last We have our own building in Kapas Street no.7 Umbulharjo Yogyakarta on January 8th 1976.

For Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta has rapidly developed , so we  were accredited “A”   from institute accredited of National. Supported by talented human recources , therefore, We are able to compete with other favourit schools especially in Yogyakarta. Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta does not only use National Curriculum but also Local Curriculum , eventhough we adapted of  Cambridge in improving our Academic.

Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta, now, has 27 rooms of classes which consist of 36 students and 6 moving classes. All of the moving class rooms are based on ICT , moreover , We have the most complete laboratory and complete facilities of Laboratory in having teaching and learning process.


They are :


1.      English laboratory. The usage of language laboratory is to support and develop the students in practicing and in learning foreign languages.

2.      Laboratory for social science program is devided into two part of rooms. A room is to exhibit or display all of  the media related to history so that the students are able to recognize and observe the characters of culture and the custom of the ethnic groups in Indonesia.

3.      Multy Media room . In this room, we can use to have a process of teaching and learning, seminar, discussion , presentation and watching many kinds of documenter films. We also have laboratory for natural science program.

4.      Laboratory of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The usage of these laboratory is to applicate the theory of each subjects which they learn in the classroom.

5.      Laboratory Computer. We have 4 rooms laboratory of computer and one of them is a room for maintenance. The students have to able to operate the computer as well as in operating the hardware and soft ware. In learning of the program , They use a series of modul which is devided into two levels, that is for Basic and advance.

6.      Islamic laboratory is other facility we have. In this Laboratory, the students are hopely to recognize, know and understand what they have learn about  the development of Islam. There are many kinds of media for learning process which will support the student‘s understanding and will able to applicate.

7.      Digital Library, the most favorite place for the students is library. There are completed with various collection of books. In order to grow ,to develop the willingness of reading for the students ,to analyze , to gain their world of knowledges and to make easier for the students in borrowing books, therefore, We use the system of computerize and complete with air condition. So that We will comfort when we read and learn books in the library.

8.      An Al Mujjadid Mosque. It is very large, so we can use to have pray to gather and other activities related to religious.

9.      A clinic which is completed with many clinicians and dentist, is to prevent and to examine  the healthy all of the member of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta.

10. Guiding  and Counseling is very important for the students . They will obtain the best counsel to improve their academic and to cover or to solve their problems.

11. Canteen is other facilities that is very comfortable place for us. We have two large places of canteen so we can enjoy eating and drinking.

12.  Audithorium, Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta also has an audithorium, and some squares for doing phisical exercises, playing football, badminton, basketball, vollyball and rock climbing. Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta, has 18 kinds of extracurricular which can be chosen by the students, To support and develop the students in other skill they have.

13. Siti Khotidjah is a boarding house especially for female which is owned by Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta. We try to improve their religious so they will be faithful and piety.


To form Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta as one of school based international ,we serve the students in a group of learning . We manage and treat the students using the plus standart National of education and adopt the Curriculum of Cambridge. The books which they are used to study is english as well as their refence books. In teaching and learning process ,they must use English or bilingual and base on ICT. Senior High School of Muhammadiyah 2 Yogyakarta plays a very prominent part in education, so we must keep being faithful and piety.